Keeping a 160 year old mill preserved, maintained and presented to the public in a way that is welcoming to daily visitors takes efforts of an entire community. At Bear’s Mill, we rely upon the time, talent and expertise of volunteers from varied backgrounds to help us keep our treasure alive for future generations to enjoy. Interested in joining us as a volunteer? Read through the opportunities and benefits, then submit your information via the form below.


Volunteer Opportunities:

Retail Volunteer
Our retail volunteers are vital to the smooth operation of the Mill Store & Gallery, which provides crucial funding for the organization. General Description: Greeting visitors (both tourists and local customers), talking with new visitors about the history of the mill, assisting with sales and other various Mill Store duties. Retail volunteers receive a 20% discount. 

Grounds Keeping and Maintenance
Planting and maintaining flowerbeds to accentuate the Mill’s natural beauty. Requires a regular maintenance shift through the mild seasons. Assist with seasonal cleanups.

Special Project Assistant
Random needs such as helping with mailings, painting shelves or getting the Mill ready for special events. This could be a regular weekly shift or a phone call as needed position.

Tour Guide
Show groups the workings of the Mill (scheduled tours throughout the year).

Committee Member
Serve on one of Bear’s Mill’s committees:

People– trustee nominating/recruitment, volunteer, employee human relations
– finance, retail
– marketing, special events, fundraising
Grounds– grounds, new projects


Why does the volunteer program exist?

It exists because volunteers are a necessary component to fulfilling the mission of the non-profit organization, which is to keep historic Bear’s Mill open to the public for touring and educational purposes. Fulfilling this mission encourages tourism in our community, which helps to improve our local economy and produces a sense of pride.

How does the volunteer program help the organization fulfill its mission?

It helps to provide the workforce that shares in the many projects related to keeping Bear’s Mill open to the public for the above mission. The future of our organization is determined by the involvement of volunteers. Volunteer involvement supports the organization and enhances our community by preserving history.

How does volunteering at Bear’s Mill enrich the lives of the volunteers?

Volunteers site a variety of reasons that involvement in our organization is fulfilling:

  • Helping to preserve an important historic site in our community
  • Being a part of something that offers a cultural experience
  • Knowing that you are helping to enhance our local economy
  • Meeting new & interesting people
  • A personal interest in art, culture or nature
  • Experience to enhance a career
  • Sharing a special talent or skill

What specific needs does the volunteer program address?

The needs include weekly customer service associates, maintenance, special events, fundraising, special projects and touring. Please see our list of Volunteer Job Opportunities.

What is the impact of the volunteer program?

In general, the impact of the volunteer program creates a positive force in our society by keeping an important historical landmark alive. It encourages education, history, art and nature. It creates a sense of pride in the members of our community.

How does the Friends of Bear’s Mill organization recognize its volunteers?

First, the volunteers are thanked profusely and often! Second, they are offered a 10% discount on all regularly priced Mill Store merchandise. Third, the Board Members of The Friends of Bear’s Mill hold an appreciation evening for volunteers and contributors every year.

Just a few of our helping hands . . .
Sherry Baker
Carol Ball
Ty Baumann
Barb Blair
Sherrie Bradley
Mel Brumbaugh
Ann Crist
Julie Clark
Pam Clark
Rusty Clark
Terry Clark
Tessa Clark
Carol Cooper
Mark Dahlinghaus
Larry & Marilyn Delk
Todd Delong
Carl DeSantis
Sue Detling
David Ferguson
Dionne Fleming
Jane Hartzell
Gloria Hathaway
John Klyce
Ray Lepore
Carlos & Patti Menendez
Tom Menke
Jennifer Mitchell
Kathy Mitchell
Robin Newberry
Dave Petersime
Jim Poeppelman
Ed Porter
Alexandria Read
Lin Roberts
Jan Roestamadji
Sally Rudy
Amber Schmerge
Gordon & Lois Smith
Taylor Smith
Larry & Linda Snider
Judy Stachler
Dave & Chloe Suter
Christine Swartz
Jerry & Dalene Thomas
Drew Wardlaw
Harold & Rita Wiley
Grace Winhoven
Loretta Wray


Interested in volunteering at the Mill?

We’d love to hear from you. Simply fill out the form below and push submit. A volunteer coordinator from the Mill will be in touch with you about how your skills might benefit our current needs.



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