Tour the Mill

We’re very proud of Bear’s Mill and love to explain how the mill really works, from our hydro-powered turbines to the cups and belts that carry the grain from floor to floor, right down to the final, healthy end product. We offer several options for tours of the Mill, depending upon the size of your group and the duration of your stay. Bear’s Mill offers tours to:

  • Tourism / Tour bus groups
  • School groups
  • Corporate groups
  • Private groups or individuals

Self-Guided Tours

Everyone who visits Bear’s Mill is welcome to take a free self guided tour and explore each floor and the scenic grounds at your leisure. If you select this option, you are foregoing a tour guide and choosing to learn about the Mill through strategically placed signage throughout the building. Numbered signs are located throughout the Mill to provide history and additional insight about how the Mill operates, and the Mill grounds are also available for touring. Free self-guided tours must take place during regular business hours and you should allow approximately 1 hour to tour all 4 floors.

If you would like to take a self guided tour outside of normal business hours, there is a flat fee of $50 to open the mill specifically for your group for one hour. You must call to schedule this option 30 days in advance and submit your flat fee. In the event of a cancellation, $25 will be refunded if cancelled at least one week prior to your tour date. To book a self guided tour outside of normal business hours, contact us at 937-548-5112 or

Guided Tours

Organized, guided tours for groups are offered for a fee. These must be scheduled in advance and offer several options which enhance the experience. If you choose this option, the Mill will be open according to your schedule regardless of our normal business hours. A tour guide will lead your group through the Mill and grounds, explaining the history of the Mill and how it works. Gourmet coffee and a homemade cookie will be served. Each visitor will take home a sample bag of a Bear’s Mill product with a recipe.

Guided tours are $5 per person with a minimum $100 deposit required. For example, 18 people may book a tour for the minimum fee of $100 or 40 people will cost $200. If more than 20 people are scheduled, the balance is due upon arrival. Tours must be booked 30-days in advance with a $100 deposit. In the event of a cancellation, $50 will be refunded if cancelled at least one week prior to the tour. To book a guided tour with a group, contact us at 937-548-5112 or

Information for tour coordinators:

  • The remaining balance of the tour payment (if over the $100 deposit) must be paid in one lump sum to the sales associate upon arrival.
  • If you arrive in a tour bus, please ask the driver to park on the Mill side of the road (for safety reasons) and to turn off the bus engine as soon as possible (for health reasons).
  • Bear’s Mill offers a regularly maintained port-o-john across the street. Modern restroom facilities are not available.
  • Bear’s Mill is four stories with no elevator (a person in a wheelchair or unable to walk up stairs would not be able to tour the upper levels). There are, however, many interesting things to see on the first floor, including the Mill Market and art gallery. Wheelchairs can also access the paths that lead through the woods to the dam. If a person who cannot go upstairs chooses to accompany a group on the$5 per person tour, he or she is counted in the final fee, which includes the cookie, coffee, product sample and Bear’s Mill recipe.

Other Tour Opportunities:

Free guided tours and grinding demos are offered during some special seasonal events and other times, if you happen to catch the miller!

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