Friends of Bear’s Mill

In 1999, complete management of Bear’s Mill was transferred to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called The Friends of Bear’s Mill, Inc.  Formed by Terry and Julie Clark, the Friends of Bear’s Mill was a way to ensure the Mill and its history would be protected and remain open to the public for generations to come.  In 2013, Bear’s Mill and surrounding property was purchased by The Friends through funding from a Clean Ohio Fund grant administered by the Ohio Public Works Commission.  Additional funds were provided by the Darke County Soil and Water District in return for a conservation easement guaranteeing the property would remain undeveloped and environmentally preserved.  Further support was also provided by previous Mill owners Terry and Julie Clark.  The Friends of Bear’s Mill are responsible for management, fiscal responsibility, operations, as well as maintenance of the 35 acres of woodlands, dams and levees on the Mill property.

The mission of The Friends of Bear’s Mill is to provide a rich cultural experience and community-oriented events including educational tours, demonstrations and nature walks, while preserving the Mill’s historical significance and natural beauty. As caretakers of Bear’s Mill, they will continue to explore the possibilities of this unique property while maintaining its historical significance and physical needs. The Friends of Bear’s Mill have devoted countless volunteer hours to keeping the Mill open by overseeing Mill Store & Gallery sales and by encouraging tax-deductible donations from the public. More than half of the Mill’s funding comes from individual contributions to the Mill’s non-profit organization.

Contributions provide vital support to the preservation and maintenance of the Mill and surrounding 35 acres of property. Your donation will help keep the Mill, the waterway and property available to everyone for generations to come and allow the Mill to continue to be a living piece of agricultural history.

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Friends of Bear’s Mill Board Members 2015

Carl DeSantis, Chair
Nancy Cooper, Vice Chair

Sally J Rudy, Secretary 
Gordon Smith, 
Barb Blair
Lin Roberts

Linda Snider

Marti Goetz, Executive Director

Timothy Miller, Retail Clerk

Connie Grant, Retail Clerk


Friends of Bear’s Mill would like to thank our grant funders, individual, corporate and in-kind contributors:

Clean Ohio Fund administered by The Ohio Public Works Commission – The Friends of Bear’s
Mill, Inc. Bear’s Mill & Property Acquisition Grant
Darke County Endowment for the Arts – ‘Art at the Mill’ Artist Series
Darke Rural Electric Trust (Operation Round-Up) – ODOT Tourism Signage at State Route 49


Corporate Contributors
The Andersons, Inc.
Arens Corp.
Cox Insurance
Cy Schwieterman, Inc.
Darke County Visitors Bureau
Eikenberry’s I.G.A.
Diane Evans Insurance
Greenville Federal
Johnston Chiropractic Clinic, Inc./Dr. Kristene Clark
Leis Realty Company
Mote & Associates, Inc.
Second National Bank
Stephen R. Stentzel, D.D.S.
TL & EA, Inc.
Wayne Builders Supply/St. Henry Tile Co./Berne Ready Mix
Wayne HealthCare
The Winery at Versailles, Inc.

In-Kind Services
Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Company
Jeff Besecker & The Old Arcana
The Bistro Off Broadway
Brothers Publishing Company

Chloe and David Suter
Julie Clark
Marilyn Delk

Merchant House
Mike James & Catering by Michael
Misty Everman
Dionne Fleming
Handshoe Design Collaborative & Leslie Handshoe-Suter
Megan Liette
Eileen Litchfield
Scott McMiller & The Fire Pie Oven Company
Patti Menendez
St. Clair Manor
Tonya Ramsey
Amber Schmerge
Rita Wiley
Loretta Wray


The Friends of Bear’s Mill, Inc. Individual Contributors

Gabriel Baer Legacy ($1000)+
Wayne & Sue Detling
Jeff Feltman & Mary Draper
Tom & Barbara Menke
Mike & Anne Randall
Sally Rudy
Gordon & Lois Smith
Joanne Simmons

The Miller Partner ($500)+
Matt & Angie Arnold
Dick & Shirley Baker
Diane Evans
Wes & Patti Jetter
Carl McClure
Chris & Carmen Shoemaker

Millrace Steward ($250)+
James Brown
Roy (Walter) Haines
Austin Johnson
Jeff & Jenny Kniese
Ray & Sue Lepore
Jennifer & Robb Stevens
Bob & Virginia Sharp
Bob & Teresa Tillman
Judith Zearbaugh

Mill Patron  ($100)
Robert & Martha Allen
John & Heidi Aukerman
Fred & Joyce Bernhard
Tom & Jennifer Bish
Ken & Charlotte Bryant
Mark & Mary Buchwalder
Phyllis A. Buchwalder
Jim & Sharon Buchy
Bob & Kathy Burns
Pam Clark
Larry & Marilyn Delk
Wayne & Sharon Deschambeau
Rich & Cheri Dinsmore
Roger & Loretta Etzell
Brian Fornadel
Alan & Judy Fourman
Jim & Peggy Fritz
Keith & Carolyn Furlong
Marcia Gulley
Janet Haisley
Dan & Colleen Hayes
Dr. & Mrs. C. Wm. Johnston
John R. Labig
Donald & Barbara Leis
Steve & Jan Leis
Steve & Eileen Litchfield
Susan Logan
Sherry Marten
Kent & Melinda Myers
Terry & Sandra Netzley
Merri Niekamp
Lila Pinney
Gary & LaJeanne Riegle
John & Lucy Sanders
Harold W. Schroeder
Mike & Linda Schwieterman
Kent & Gail Shafer
Lt. Col. Dan & Doris Shaver
David & Marcia Shetler
Evelyn Simons
Bob & Heidi Spitler
Jim & Shaun Stacy
David & Chloe Suter
Bob & Kyle Ann Van Osdol
Bob & Pat Wagner
Kevin West
Harold & Rita Wiley

Contributors as of February 12, 2015



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